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Joining is easy!!  Become a member of the FRAG RC Tank Club:

There are many benefits to joining the FRAG RC Tank Club, including association with modelers who can give you advice on your projects and how to repair your tanks, learning field tactics with others on your team, camaraderie with like minded RC tank modelers, and enjoying the fun and thrills of RC tank battles. But you also have responsibilities with annual membership, which include attending as many scheduled battleday events as you can, helping with field maintenance and improvements, and helping those in need of modeling advice.  Members are expected to be courteous, careful around other member's models, and to be a good example to our youth. If you wish to join, please fill out the membership form below, hit "Submit" and then make your dues payment thru the Donate button. Separate membership and dues payments are required for all individuals, including Youth.   Thank you.   


(NOTE:  Dues are paid on a fiscal year basis)


ADULT MEMBERSHIP:  For members who are 12 years of age and older, the annual fee is $150.00 (this includes $50.00 for annual FPV tank camera rental and $100 for dues). However, you may pay only a total of $100.00 ($50 less for dues) if you feel that playing temporarily indoors on carpet without our full building set-up merits the discount. Membership includes the right to participate in all regularly scheduled battles, but also comes with the responsibility to help with set-up and tear-down, as well as field maintenance and improvements. Members are expected to be courteous, careful around other member's models, and to be a good example to our youth.


JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP:  For youngsters who are between 8 and 11 years of age, and sponsored by a parent or guardian, the annual fee is $100.00 (this includes $50.00 for annual FPV tank camera rental and $50 for dues). However, you may pay only $75.00 ($25 less for dues) if you feel that playing temporarily indoors on carpet without our full building set-up merits the discount. Youngsters must be supervised at all times, including during battles and especially when around other member’s models and items set-up on the field. Junior Members must have their own models to operate in a battle.


VETERAN MEMBERSHIP:  If you are an active service member or a US Veteran, your Adult Membership is free, but you must still provide your own models for battles and pay the annual $50 FPV camera rental fee.  Please provide your service ID information below for verification.


Separate membership and dues payments must be submitted for each individual. Annual dues payments are due in January of each year.

All information fields must be filled in, but if one does not apply, please insert N/A.

NOTICE:  FRAG reserves the right to accept or deny any membership application at any time for any reason.

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