The FRAG RC Tank Club is an outreach program of Front Range Armored Group, Inc., a Colorado non-profit organization.  The Club has been active since 1999 and is the "oldest" of more than 40 worldwide RC tank groups which participate in miniature battles based on 1/16th scale radio control models.   The Club's battlefield was the "first one" ever constructed and is considered the "most accurately detailed" in the world.  It featured over 50 scale buildings which made up a large Normandy village, a French Farm compound, two base camps, an abandoned airfield, and hedgerow countryside with hills, valleys, rivers, railroad tracks, tunnels and over 1500 miniature trees. 


Unfortunately at the end of its 2019 season the club announced that after 20 years of enjoyment, it had lost the use of its battlefield and it was required to remove all its vast amounts of improvements.  By May of 2020 these were all placed into storage awaiting the opening of a new indoor pavilion.  FRAG has launched a fund raising campaign and hopes to reopen in 2021


Please check back regularly for updates and help us make this move by sending a financial donation if you can.   In the meantime, please enjoy a sampling of the many pictures which recorded what the Club's battlefield looked like in the past, and will feature in the future. 

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Member Tank Photos

American Column approaches 

surrendering Germans, May 5, 1945

Bombed out Buildings

Village Scenes

French Farm Compound

AT Guns and Cannons

Military Checkpoints

Kelly's Heroes' Railyard

US Base Camp

Various Battlefield Scenes

If you have enjoyed the historic FRAG battlefield, please donate

generously to help us build an even better one.  Thank you.