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Guests:  Please submit your tank model pictures and a short write-up to

Tamiya Sherman modified and detailed as "Fury", by FRAG member, D'Wayne Pryor


Tamiya Pershing heavily weathered and detailed by FRAG member, Paul Howald

Mark's Stug 3 CROPPED.jpg

Stug 3 weathered and detailed by FRAG member, Mark  Muschanow

KV-1 Finger.jpeg

Heng Long Russian KV-1 w/ metal tracks, painted &  weathered by FRAG member, John Finger

Tiger 1 nazi flag blocked.jpg

Tamiya Tiger 1   painted &  detailed by FRAG member, Jerry Dickinson

Bobs M36 on road.jpg

M-36 TD custom build on Heng Long lower hull by FRAG member, Robert Hoopes

Rapella's Tiger 1.jpg

Torro metal Tiger 1 detailed and heavily weathered by FRAG member, Dave Rapella

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