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FRAG is committed to helping our US Veterans of all service periods and branches. We greatly appreciate the sacrifices that you have made to keep us safe here at home.  In a very small way, we want to say thank you by offering you a place to meet with your friends for complimentary refreshments and camaraderie once the Museum is open for business. There will be a private club room just for you. And of course we want to provide you with some fun and relaxation too. 

We are primarily a group of like-minded hobbyist, some of whom are also Veterans, and we enjoy building RC military models and running them on a miniature battlefield.  Our  1/16th scale AFV's do battle thru simple and safe infrared aiming systems which can disable your opponent and take him out of the game.  You can be a member of a squad of miniature tanks that go on missions of all types, employ tactics and strategies to overcome the enemy and win the battle of the day.  

FRAG also actively participates in Veteran's Day events and sometimes in parades.  You are certainly welcome to accompany us on these outings.   And if you would want to help us with school classroom tours, we would welcome your participation and the sharing of your military experiences. 

If you have an interest in gaming with us, your admission would be free at anytime.  And should you want to learn how to build these 1/16th scale RC models, we are here to help you do that.  We can even do this before the RC Pavilion is open and fully operational.  Contact us today to find out more.                      

Thank you for your service !


FRAG regularly visits school classes during Veterans Day week to demonstrate its RC tanks on its modular battlefield display.  Children who are lucky enough to secure a special ticket (awarded by teachers to students who have a heightened interest in US military history) get to operate an RC tank, truck or the flight simulator.   As can be seen, many parents and grandparents join them at the event, and those who are Veterans usually stop to chat with us.

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